Address of the Development:
8 Fo Chun Road

Pak Shek Kok (East)

Ace Glory Limited

Holding Company of the Vendor:
Full Raise International Limited

Vendor's Solicitors:
Baker & McKenzie
F. Zimmern & Co.

Authorized Person:
Mr. Barry Fegan Will of WCWP International Limited

Building Contractor:
China Overseas Building Construction Limited

Authorized institution that has made a loan or has undertaken to provide finance for the construction of the Development:
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (The loan has been repaid in full)

Other persons who have made a loan for the construction of the Development:
King Chance Development Limited
Nan Fung Development Limited
Vervain Resources Limited
Wealthy Vision Limited
Wideway Concept Limited

No. of Residential Blocks:
13 towers and 11 houses

Total no. of Residential Units (Towers and Houses):